Membership Services Business Group


PURPOSE: Serve as the active communication link to cultivate and promote a positive relationship between the Chamber and its members. Diplomats will help with membership retention by encouraging members to attend events and get involved in chamber activities Responsibilities:

  • Attend Ribbon Cuttings, Ground Breakings, Open Houses, etc.
  • Attend Power Networking Breakfasts, Chamber Night Out, First Friday Luncheon, and other chamber events
  • Serve on at least one of four subcommittees: Power Networking Breakfast, Member Visitation, Annual Banquet, and New Member Showcase
  • Encourage new members to become involved
  • Help recruit businesses to join the chamber

Annual Banquet Task Force

PURPOSE: The Annual Banquet is one of Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber’s signature events. 600-700 people gather to welcome the new Board of Directors, celebrate the Chamber’s recent accomplishments, and look ahead at the issues and opportunities facing the Lufkin/Angelina County area. Event begins with a dinner and features a special banquet speaker.

Annual Banquet Subcommittee will organize the Chamber’s annual banquet. This subcommittee will be responsible for coming up with a theme, selling tickets, decorating, and helping organize the program of events for the banquet. The Annual Banquet Subcommittee Chair will report their progress at each Diplomat meeting.

Member Visitation Task Force

PURPOSE: The Member Visitation Task Force will be responsible for inviting and helping new members become involved in the chamber. At each meeting the Chairman will be given a list of new members from the Diplomat Chairman. The Chairman will then be responsible for distributing the new members to each of his/her subcommittee members. Sub-committee members will be responsible for contacting new members on their list and inviting them by phone, email, fax, or letter to Chamber events, meetings, etc. and will also meet new members at events and introduce them to other chamber members.

New Member Showcase Task Force

PURPOSE: Once a year, a special showcase/reception is held for new members in order to promote their business, introduce them to current members and give them an opportunity to showcase their products/services for fee. New Member Showcase Subcommittee will organize and conduct the annual New Member Showcase. They will be responsible for picking the theme, decorating and set-up of event, securing door prizes, and registering new chamber members to participate. The New Member Showcase chairman will report their subcommittee’s progress at each Diplomat meeting.

Power Networking Breakfasts Task Force

PURPOSE: This highly informative networking event is held each month at 8 a.m. This event allows Chamber members to network with each other in a relaxed, informal setting at the Chamber’s Community Room, hear a speaker discuss current topics involving the business community, and promote their business.

Chamber Night Out Task Force

PURPOSE: To develop and host a minimum of one Chamber Night Out per quarter in 2007 and find new ways to market the program to increase attendance to the events.
Ribbon Cuttings & Ground Breakings

PURPOSE: To host ribbon cutting ceremonies and/or ground breaking ceremonies as requested for new businesses, to develop a set agenda for carrying out these events and to improve attendance at the events so the event becomes a highlight to that businesses opening.


First Friday Task Force

PURPOSE: Provide monthly luncheons on the first Friday of each month featuring entertaining and informative speakers. This luncheon provides an opportunity for businesses to network and promote their business. Cost of the luncheon is $15.

Twelve @ 12 Task Force

PURPOSE: To provide members with an open forum to discuss current issues affecting the business community with the Chamber president and Chamber Board Chairman in a relaxed atmosphere. Members are also encouraged to comment or give suggestions in regards to the Chamber and its services.

Twelve at 12 luncheons will be held the last Wednesday of each month in the Chamber’s community room. Each month 1/12 of the membership will be invited to attend the free luncheon.

Total Resource Campaign Task Force

PURPOSE: A Total Resource Campaign happens in a 5 week time frame during which volunteers enlist new members, generate program and event sponsorship, sell advertising sponsorships in our publications and raise the awareness of the Chamber throughout the region. The TRC funds a large majority of the chambers events throughout the year by gaining support during this time frame.

Everyone wins! The chamber gains members, funding, and community awareness and the volunteers receive incentives, a greater understanding of the chamber, and direct exposure for their business!

If you are interested in participating in this campaign, you can call the chamber office at (936) 634-6644 or you email us with your contact information.

LEADS (By Invitation Only)

PURPOSE: The Chamber has established a set of Leads Groups, which meet bi-weekly to help member businesses flourish. Specifically, participation in a Chamber Leads Group offers:

  • The active exchange of business referrals (leads)
  • A platform for forming strong relationships with other professionals
  • Continual involvement in the Chamber


  1. Membership includes a first year fee of $50.00, subsequent renewal of $30.00 per year, a maintenance fee of $100.00 is added, which includes lunch for the year. Fees billed once a year.
  2. Members furnish valid business leads/referrals on a continuing basis to other members. An average of four leads/referrals per month will be considered the minimum requirement for participation in the Leads Exchange.
  3. Consist of no more than 25 and no less that 15 Chamber members in good standing from a variety of non-competing businesses