Pokemon GO! How can it help your business?

Pokemon GO! How can it help your business?

Published Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokemon GO! has become a national phenomenon with over 11 million users daily. Some statistics estimate there are closer to 21 million daily users in the United States alone. How can your business use this to gain new customers and drive sales? First lets look at some common Pokemon GO! lingo to know. 

  • Candy: Pokemon-specific items necessary to evolve your monster. For example, Charmander candy is necessary to evolve Charmander and any of his evolved forms.
  • CP: CP stands for combat points, which determine the strength of your Pokémon. You can raise your character's CP using Candy and Stardust.
  • Gyms:Where Pokémon battles take place. Signified on the in-game map via large towers withPokémon atop of them.
  • Incense:Special item that attracks Pokémon to your location for a limited time.
  • Incubator:Item that allows you to incubate Eggs. You can hatch an incubating Egg after walking a set distance.
  • Lures:Lures are special Pokéstops that lots of Pokémon flock to for a limited time. You can create a Lure by dropping a Lure Module, which can be purchased in the in-game store.
  • Pokéstop:Special landmarks that yield rewards, including XP, Pokéballs and potions.
  • Pokécoins: In-game currency that can be bought or earned through battles.
  • Stardust:Special item needed for powering up Pokémon. Can be earned via catching Pokémon and by having Pokémon stored in gyms.

First, it is important to determine if your business is a Pokestop or Gym. These are places players will gather to catch Pokemon and recharge. If your business isn't a Pokestop or near one, do not worry. Niantic (the developer of Pokemon Go) has announced that in the near future any business or location will be able to petition to become a Pokestop. Below, we have gathered a few practical marketing strategies to draw in Pokemon GO! players to increase your customers base and sales.

  • Drop Lures to bring in trainers. Lure's will bring Pokemon to your business for a limited time (30 minutes). This will draw players to your area.
  • Host a lure party
    • Buy packages of lure model for a few dollars and set them up at you nearest Pokestop. Use them in succession to create a lure party that lasts as long as you want.
  • Cater to Individual teams
    • Team Mystic
    • Team Instinct
    • Team Valor
    • Offer discount or specials to certain teams on different days.
    • If your business is a gym, put up a sandwich board announcing which team in currently in control. Offer discounts for that team!
  • Give tips and show your participation
    • Know what’s happening in your area. Keep up with where Pokestops, Gyms, and rare pokemon are in your area. 
    • If a customer catches a rare pokemon at/near your location, post about it. You are likely to have some foot traffic of trainers looking to cash in the rare pokemon.
  • Offer Charging stations
    • Game kills battery life. Offer battery strip to help charge devices and build a relationship with the players. Not only does the game kill your battery life, but it eats up data. Open your wifi to the public, so trainers can use it. They will be more likely to stick around if they don't have to use their personal data. 
  • Host a Pokemon Hunting party
    • Host a Pokemon hunt that ends at your business.
    • Offer free food or discounts for the best pokemon caught and discount for Pokemon hunt participants.
  • “Pokemon Go” social media deals
    • Offer customers a discount to take a screenshot of a Pokemon in their store or restaurant and post it to social media with your business tag. This will draw other players to your business in hopes of catching the same Pokemon.

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