Business After Five

The purpose of Business After 5 is to afford Chamber investors the opportunity to enjoy networking in an informal atmosphere and allow Chamber members the opportunity for exposure to their business by hosting a Business After 5 event. The event is held monthly at various locations and typically features food, drinks, a short program, and door prizes.

Upcoming Business After Five EVents

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A Business After Five (BAF) event may be held monthly, on a date decided by the host, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Business After Fives are scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday evenings in order to achieve the best attendance. A BAF should be planned a minimum of 3 months, preferably 6 months, in advance.



Coordination of a Business After Five event must be made with enough advance notice to properly promote the event. All details must be confirmed and submitted to Taylor Flowers at the Chamber, 634-6644 by the second week of the previous month for coordination and preparation of promotional items.



If the occasion arises where two businesses show interest in hosting the same month, and confirmation has not been made by either party, priority would be given to the business which contacted the Chamber first.



The Diplomats Committee will make final approval of BAF sites, considering variables such as parking, size of facility, location, etc.



The fee for hosting a BAF will be $750, to offset Chamber administration costs.



Invitations should be sent out for the event. This may be accomplished in one of the following ways:

  • The sponsor may develop a flyer (with CHAMBER approval prior to printing) and provide copies to the CHAMBER for insertion in a newsletter (at sponsors cost)
  • The CHAMBER can develop a flyer, make copies, and insert in the packet � a bill for the total cost of design, copying, and/or printing the flyer would be sent to the sponsor, in addition to the $750 initial fee.
  • In addition to one of the above, an e-mail reminder will be sent to the entire chamber membership the day before the event.



  • Chamber Diplomats will be on hand to welcome everyone to BAF.
  • A Chamber staff member and a Diplomats Committee member will brief each BAF sponsor in a timely fashion prior to the event so they understand their responsibilities.
  • Chamber staff/Diplomats will handle registration, basket to collect business cards for door prizes and an agenda for the event.


  • Hors d’ oeuvres and other refreshments should be provided by host. Alcohol may be served and is optional.
  • A public address/microphone system of some sort should be used whenever possible.
  • BAF sponsors are encouraged to invite their own customers and to make personal phone calls reminding people of the BAF event.



Sponsors will be required to provide at least one door prize worth a minimum of $50 for the event. Business cards are collected at the door for the drawing. Additional door prizes are beneficial. We suggest that the recipient must be present to win.



Any changes in the event date or planning which results in the Chamber incurring an expense of any type, will be billed to the Sponsor.



A non-refundable cancellations fee of $100 will be assessed for those who have to cancel. If cancelling less than 30 days from the scheduled Business After 5, the Chamber shall retain half of the hosting fee, $375. The full balance of $750 must be paid in full at the time of scheduling, or the event date will remain open for other sponsors to secure.