Governmental Affairs Committee

Enhance relationships with state and federal elected representatives.

Maintain focused communication with and between local, state and federal officials that will continuously advance Angelina County Vision 2020. Develop a consensus agenda support by a group of organizations representing the diversity of Angelina County that will be used in communicating with state and federal officials.  

Encourage qualified leaders to run for office and serve on appointed boards. Support these leaders during their term in office, or suggest corrective actions, as they inevitably experience the conflicts and challenges of making difficult decisions in the best interests of Angelina County. Presume that they are working in the community’s best interest unless proven otherwise. Encourage and support these leaders as they gain experience to move from local to state and federal positions. 

Lufkin/angelina county Day Task Force

PURPOSE: The Chamber’s Lufkin/Angelina County Day Task Force will host an annual Lufkin/Angelina County Day in Austin that will put the business, government and educational leadership of Lufkin in contact with key political and agency leadership at the State Capitol. This event is held each year in February. 

Elected Officials Reception Task Force

PURPOSE: To implement a special annual recognition event for the purpose of recognizing and thanking all elected officials in Angelina County.

Candidate forum

Purpose: To educate the public on local political races and candidates. 

The Candidate Forum is a great way for the public to learn about the different local political races that are up for voting. Candidates will have time to introduces themselves and answer questions from audience members. Candidates will have a chance to meet constituents and have display tables for informational material.