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Quite often as we drive around town, or are having a rare moment of quiet, we have those wonderful, brilliant, awe-inspiring ideas that we promptly forget because we don’t document them!


Now, we are not looking for the ridiculous, nor are we looking for the extreme — this will not be a place for you to vent about taxes, city government, healthcare costs or the like. It is a place for BIG IDEAS that will benefit our community now and into the future!

Take a few minutes NOW and share your ideas of what needs to be done to make a better Lufkin/Angelina County!


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Perhaps this is too big so just pick what you want from this. My idea is a place for public entertainment. In College Station, Texas there is a place called Grand Central. Inside the business there is bowling, laser tag, mini black light golf, pool tables, and an arcade. You could add a paint ball arena, a dance floor, kid area with a ball pit, even an indoor 3d play ground set like Kids Station in Longview. The point is to have something everyone could enjoy. Something the size of a warehouse or half the size of our mall. I believe something like this would be great for Lufkin and Angelina County. I just graduated from Lufkin HS and was actively involved. Several times, my friends and I wanted to go out and have fun in town. Away from home, away from school, but still in the safety of a public place. The bowling alley rarely came up as a destination for fear of our cars being broken into and being around alcohol and criminal activity after 9pm. An ideal location would be on the south side of town close to the loop. If it were kept clean and well maintained i think it would be a great place for parents and grand parents to take kids, great for teens to enjoy, and an ideal spot for field trips. I understand it's a big investment but you wanted a big idea. I feel like someone will want to rip this idea apart because of hassles with price, location, funding, management, etc. Those are valid concerns but there are also plenty of options to explore; I'd be glad to help. Thanks for listening!

Vaughan Christian Lynn ~ Just a person with a suggestion

We need a bigger HEB i think Lufkin has out grown the one we have once again.

And most importantly we need places for our kids with activities /restaurant. Not everyone is able to go out of town.

Ashley Farias ~ none

1. Lane Bryant -there is no plus size store that I know of with a large variety.

2. Incredible Pizza -our kids need a place!

Anonymous ~ Forever Impressions

Dear Chamber of Commerce, 

Here is my big idea!

What if we encouraged entrepreneurship among students in school so they would have an outlet for creativity. We could put programs in place to nurture and teach creative spirits so they could be free to start a business at an extremely early date. I'm talking about during or after high school. If we manage to transform high school students into entrepreneurs, imagine the chain reaction. This would deter kids from drugs and violence in our area.

Another HUGE idea I have is within Huntington High School. I am currently attempting to initiate a project in which I can use the current club system to attempt to transform fellow high school students into a fully equipped video game development team:all it needs is funding. You could try to implement this at Lufkin High School. I would love to lead this operation personally if possible. I am technically zoned to Lufkin High School as well. I would love to hear some feedback for my big idea.

Also, this could also generate more money for the school if made into a success.
Thank you
Matthew Heffelfinger

Matthew Heffelfinger ~ Hop International (Future Company Name)

YMCA...YMCA, definitely! And how about cleaning up the old downtown district, and allowing shops, retailers, eateries, and venues. Places with style have proven to bring huge stacks of revenue to principalities. It throws a little culture and excitement into those (new citizens) who are moving to East Texas to work in logging. And pools would be great! I headed over to what i thought was a huge park/pool/fishing area called Jones park, and to my surprise after a huge week of planning via the website and driving 30 miles, no pool, what lake (?).

Cynthia J ~ none

I saw on a mommy Vloggers video that in her home town they had a place called PlayDate. It's a indoor play room for children of all ages. Plus there was a place inside to get snacks. I mean the place looked so amazing! I'm not from Lufkin but I noticed there isn't anything baby or children friendly besides parks or the little play section in the mall. I think it would be awesome for rainy days, hot days or even any day. The place was very modern and even served organic snacks. I know it would be a big project but I'm sure every modern mom would go crazy for it!!

Sara Flores ~ None

My husband and I are new to the community, and are so happy to be here. I would say Lufkin is one of the friendliest towns we've had the pleasure to be in. (we've lived in about 20 different one. That said, I have to say it is one of the most un attractive cities as well. driving down Timberland and Chestnut is a sight for sore eyes. broken pavement, over grown grass and weeds coming up through the curbs, and there is NO Color(no trees or shrub). So My suggestion is, A beautification project. plant trees or Crape myrtles along the highway and weed/feed. expense could be handled two ways, either have a contest for the businesses awarding a prize for the best kept lot, or(This raised a lot of money where we just came from, big event) have a rubber duck race on the river, you sell the ducks for 10.00 each and on a certain date, they are all dumped in the river, the first one crossing the finish line wins a large prize such as car or trip (donated). The city of Roseburg would raise as much as 500,000 a year. That would pay for any landscape needed. Also could you PLEASE make the street signs bigger along all the main roads. People (such as myself) can't see where we need to go. One more suggestion. Have a movie and concerts in the park time. You show movies which have been out a little while, so their not expensive. people bring their own blankets, chairs, and venders could sell food


I've been researching Makers Spaces a lot recently and wish we had one locally. I don' know of any school districts that have a maker program set up yet and I know our public library doesn't have a maker space like many of the bigger cities do but I think it would be SO beneficial to the kids in our community since colleges are handing out STEM scholarships now-a-days.

Britiany Deaton ~ n/a

The downtown area is old and falling apart many empty buildings. why not take down an entire block of buildings and make a central park. the city could invite local food vendors in during the day to provide breakfast and lunch. people in the area can get some exercise walking to the park for lunch outside on a beautiful day. You could even put an koi pond in the center if you like

Sabrina Guerrero ~ Lufkin PD

I have not seen a place to ride bicycles. If we had a park where we could ride bicycles, I would like to take my granddaughter, and we could both start riding for exercise and enjoyment.


Turn the old train car down town into a small amphitheater. Make it open for artists to play on the car as a stage on Saturday nights. Its central location would mean that it would fill the area with lively music and attract visitors. It would also be a very inexpensive project as it already resembles a stage.

Christopher Verhoef ~ Why do I need a company to have an idea

Bring in a YMCA one with a full gym indoor swimming pool, aerobic, fitness and sporting facilities the gyms we have here do not offer enough. Also bring back Jason's Deli or a soup or salad. I know Lufkin is considered a retirement area but do something to bring some life to the community as well as the younger population.

Richard Gandy ~ none

Downtown gardens would add a significant amount of social activities for kids and adults.

Local hunting clubs/new business to bring in outside business for hunting and fishing trips. offer chuck wagon cooking and hunting/lodging. huge campaign for Lufkin to be the go to spot.

Gabriella Roberts ~ Mushin Budo / The Art of Survival

Rayburn has been recently voted #2 in the state for best fishing lake. I think advertising Sam Rayburn Lake in Lufkin would benefit the community Lufkin and Lufkin should take advantage of that. It would let people living here and especially people passing through our area know that we have this great landmark right in our back yard. A billboard that would catch your eye on the loop so people passing through would see it and then plan to come back to enjoy the lake plus see what all Lufkin has to offer too.
Just an idea.
Thanks for your time.


I love everyone's ideas for a public pool, water/splash parks, place for KIDS to run around and play - perhaps the solution that might meet all of these needs is a new YMCA - we have lived in a few states that have AMAZING YMCAs, with outdoor splash parks, pools, and plenty of activities for little and big kids, including an indoor climbing/jungle gym, etc!!! The added bonus is that parents could finally get back to the gym without having to hire a sitter!! :)

Kristi Buschemeyer ~ n/a

I think we need more dog friendly parks. My boyfriend and I would LOVE to walk our dogs somewhere other than down the street but we don't know where to go. PLEASE take this into consideration!

Dorothy Kaylynn Stanley ~ No company

We are in need of a public pool or water park. I just moved here from Baytown, Texas. Baytown has added several water parks in the past two years, creating new revenue for the city as well as family recreation.

Kimberly Barnett ~ Team National Independant Marketing Director

I think it is beneficial to have a place for school kids to be able to go to and not get in any trouble...have a place that provides different varieties of food with a dance area, game area and a room with plenty of tables for them to do homework with their friends or club meetings and also plenty of area in the back of place for them to play basketball, football, soccer, etc and someone educating them from bullying to ethnic heritage but in an entertaining way...the school kids need a place to go and be themselves but also keep away from drugs and all this trouble..make sure have plenty of adults there to be security as well as mentors.

Erika Oney ~ Unemployed

I think Lufkin needs a place for kids to go and play, to help them stay off drugs, like chuck e cheese. We also need another toys r us. Also, the old Randells would be a great spot to put in a dance floor, bowling alley, pool tables and arcade games as well as bounce houses. it is big enough.i also think you could hold birthday parties there. but do not make it have a outrageous price to go in and play.


Affordable apartments, the new Pioneer Crossing for families are awesome, but the requirements are hard to meet. If we don't qualify for low income we are stuck in the middle because everything else is way out of budget. Nice, affordable complexes would be great.


I think Lufkin could benefit from having an Aquarium with a water/amusement park here. I understand this would be a large investment, but I can only imagine it would more than pay off in the end. I know there's a zoo, but I think an aquarium would be a great addition. And I realize that there are 'splash pads' at the parks. But I think if even a small water/amusement park to start out, and/or an Aquarium would be a great way to expand learning opportunities, field trips, and family adventures for our children, and students without having to travel so far. I think with the way Lufkin is growing, it would be very beneficial to the town, and the people in it. I believe it would be very successful, could provide additional jobs, and internships as well. This I believe could also provide for more food vendors/entrepreneurs to come set up and sell their food, snacks, and things of the sort. I also think that with this, instead of the people from Lufkin and the surrounding area travelling 2+ hours to have amusement and additional educational opportunities, it would start bringing more people to our town of Lufkin instead.

Erin Joy ~ Student

I would love to see something like Incredible Pizza/Chuck E. Cheese.......something where the family can all attend for a good time instead of traveling a distance just to get there. Especially with this economy and gas prices.....hopefully soon Lufkin will have something like that.

Linda Ibarra ~ rojo's concrete

It would be really nice to have some kind of arcade like dave and busters a huge one..and a bigger mall...maybe even a casino type place.

Roxanne Lombardo ~ ?

All of the ideas so far seem terrific, but I have to add my vote on the dog park since there are so many of us within the city limits who are restricted to our apartments and have no safe solutions for our pets and people. And based on the most recent student enrollment count I think it's time to admit that Lufkin is NO LONGER a retirement community. We need to band together and develop a center for families with children to teens like a water park(for the summer) and a putt putt/go cart track(for the winter). Otherwise the kids are going to do what they currently are doing and walking the streets getting into trouble from sheer boredom and lack of opportunity. I am personally trying to establish a Support group for families and eventually will open a Comic Book Store for our kids. So that's might two cents and Big Idea. :-)

Natasha Heath ~ Creative Life Autism Support Group

A Gym (Lifetime Fitness, Villasport) and Homegoods/Marshall's and I would be one happy Mom/Wife!!!