Volunteer Opportunites

Volunteering and giving back to the community is a huge part of the culture in Angelina County. Below is a list of volunteer opportunities and civic groups that you can get involved with. For more information, see contact information attached.

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Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Opportunities

36th Annual Texas State Forest Festival | September 24-27, 2020

  • It takes over 300 volunteers to help run the Texas State Forest Festival. You'll receive a free t-shirt and free admission to the festival.
  • For more information visit the Texas State Forest Festival Website or call (936)634-6644.

Board of Director Interest

  • Via the Chamber By-Laws: 402 DUTIES OF THE BOARD: The government and Policy-making responsibilities of the Chamber shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which shall control its property, be responsible for its finances, and direct its affairs. Policies adopted by the Board of Directors will be maintained in a Policy Manual, to be reviewed annually and revised as necessary
  • Please complete the Chamber Board of Directors Form of Interest to Serve.

State Boards and Commission

The Governmental Affairs Team of the Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce has a concerted effort to place Angelina County residents on state boards. For more information, visit the Office of Governor’s Appointment Office website or email [email protected] for additional information and local support.

Volunteer Opportunities

Heart to Heart Hospice of Lufkin

Angelina Arts Alliance

  • New to volunteering? Come see what it is all about when Angelina Arts Alliance opens the Temple Theater for a special annual event, the EnCorps Volunteer Orientation & Open House, Tuesday August 2nd, 6 pm at Angelina College. New and existing volunteers are invited to fill out volunteer applications, preview the upcoming season, take a backstage tour, meet staff members and enjoy free refreshments, thanks to Brookshire Brothers Food & Pharmacy, the event sponsor. The EnCorps Team is Arts Alliance’s volunteers who help with general operations at the theater during productions. Volunteers greet guests, hand out playbills, usher, collect tickets, and assist with concessions and merchandise. In return, the volunteers see the amazing shows for free! For more information, visit their website.

Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County 

  • Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit volunteer organization working in interfaith partnership with all God's people in need to help create decent affordable housing for the betterment of our community. Habitat for Humanity could always use volunteers to help with their homes. For a full volunteer schedule, visit their Facebook page.

Harold's House - East Texas Alliance for Children

  • Harold’s House is an Children's Advocacy Center (CAC).  Our efforts to come to the aid of abused children, child abuse professionals may inadvertently cause additional suffering to child victims and their families, as our civil and criminal justice systems were generally not created with child victims in mind.  We were established in an effort to enhance the sensitivity and responsiveness of these systems, thereby minimizing the impact of the trauma, providing vital medical and mental health services for these children and their  families, and facilitating the prosecution of perpetrators through coordination of services and implementation of a collaborative approach. Must be 18 or older. Will be required to complete background. check

  •  Volunteer Opportunities

              Family Greeters-Volunteers who stay with our families while interviews are being conducted

              Therapy dogs-Canines who are certified in the Therapy Dog Program

              Garden-Help with our flowerbeds and yard

              Helping Hands– Help with maintenance and care around the center

              Events– Make a dessert or a meal for meetings, help with our fundraisers, etc.

              Office-Help with clerical work and organizing donations

  •   For more information, visit www.HaroldsHouse.org or contact Danielle Garrett at (936)634-1999 or [email protected].  

Junior Achievement of Angelina County

  • Junior Achievement is in need of volunteers to teach in classrooms. You don't have to be a teacher to volunteer! Volunteering for Junior Achievement  is fun, flexible and rewarding. Junior Achievement  programs are easy to teach, require a modest time investment, and provide immediate feedback and personal satisfaction. Junior Achievement  provides volunteers with everything they need to be successful in the classroom. For more information, visit their website.

Civic & Nonprofit Organizations

Alzheimer’s Association | (936) 632-9930

American Cancer Society | (936) 634-2940

American Legion Auxiliary #113 | (936) 633-2638

Angelina Arts Alliance | (936) 633-5234

Angelina Beautiful/Clean | (936) 632-5326

Angelina County Heart Alliance | (936)699-2665

Angelina County Ladies Lions Club | (936) 635-6714

Angelina Rotary Club | (936) 414-2840

Boy Scouts of America/East Texas Area Council | (936) 597-7201

Boys & Girls Club of Deep East Texas | (936) 560-6844

Buckner Children & Family Services | (936) 637-3300

Casa of the Pines, INC. | (936) 634-6725

Christian Information & Service Center (CISC) | (936) 634-2857

Crime Stoppers of Lufkin | (936) 639-8477

Dream Center | (936) 875-4176

East Texas Fun Bunch, INC. | (936) 553-8475

Family Crisis Center | (936) 639-1681

Friends of Ellen Trout Zoo | (936) 633-0399

Goodwill Industries | (936) 632-8838

Greater East Texas Community Action Program | (936) 693-4787

Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County | (936) 632-8845

Harold’s House | (936) 634-1999

Hospice in the Pines | (936) 632-1514

Junior Achievement | (936) 632-0490

Junior League | (936) 635-7369

Keep Lufkin Beautiful | (936) 632-5326

Lufkin Host Lions Club | (936) 632-7445

Lufkin Pro Day Group | (936) 633-0205

Pregnancy Help Center of East Texas | (936) 632-9292

T.L.L Temple Foundation | (936) 639-5197

The Coalition | (936) 634-9308

The Joseph House | (936) 632-2288

The Mosaic Center | (936) 639-5068

Top Ladies of Distinction, INC. | (936) 639-1951

United Way of Angelina County | (936) 632-3203

Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County | (936) 639-1880