Get Shift Done


The COVID-19 crisis has severely impacted the Angelina County food service industry and put our already at-risk populations in desperate need of meals. The nonprofit organizations that serve so much of this population are experiencing a spike in the need for volunteers to meet the escalating demand for their services.

Get Shift Done for Angelina County was launched to address both food service workers who have lost their paychecks and provide immediate support for the demand of our nonprofit partners providing food service for people in need. The work addresses three critical needs in one: nonprofit support, hunger relief and stabilizing incomes.

The Get Shift Done for Angelina County initiative is a joint effort of local partners led by the Community Champion, which consists of the Angelina County Chamber Foundation and the Lufkin/Angelina County Chamber of Commerce and initially funded by a grant from T.L.L. Temple Foundation. The program coordinates, schedules and pays adversely affected hourly workers in the hospitality industry to work shifts for communities in Angelina County.

The initiative provides wages of $10 an hour to workers left jobless by the coronavirus pandemic. These workers are filling the critical roles of assembling, preparing and providing meals that, prior to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, were performed by volunteers. Shiftsmart technology is used to register workers for shifts and manages the onboarding, matching, scheduling, dispatching and routing of workers to perform shifts.

People who know food are helping people who need food.

Thank you for your financial support to bridge this temporary gap for our fellow citizens!